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Training and Certification

[one_half_first]Streamline and systemise your company’s waste-management & employee-training processes.

Together, turning waste into resources!

Take the uncertainty out of waste-management and employee-training. Increase employee engagement with your own expert-designed waste-management certification program. Let’s create a better and cleaner future together!

Our recycling industry experts design cloud-based employee training resources, courses and certification programs for municipalities, recycling companies and eco conscious businesses. Build employee confidence and retention with proper handling and sorting of the incoming waste. All training is compliant with EU legislation and tailored to the individual municipality or recycling company.

Municipalities & Recycling Companies

Take the “guess work” out of waste-management with your own certification program. Build employee confidence and engagement. Systemise your employee training and save money while increasing productivity and efficiency. Your workers will become experts at supervising the citizens and helping them to sort waste correctly. With our cloud-based training your employees need only a computer and they will be fully operational in 4 hours!

Residential Apartment Complexes

Just a couple hours of training and certification will turn your building’s janitor into a waste-management expert. This will save your building money, and you’ll be able to implement your own recycling and waste-sorting programs for your residents. This will make waste-management more efficient for everyone.

Environmental Conscious Businesses

Do EU’s strict waste-management regulations leave your employees overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you complying with EU’s strict waste-management regulations? Could you increase your company’s productivity and profits with a comprehensive waste-management program? Transforming waste into resources is good for your business, the economy, and the environment.


How can we help you?

All training is compliant with EU legislation and tailored to the individual municipality or recycling company. Our cloud-based courses and training materials are custom-made by the recycling industry experts for your specific municipality or company. Your organisation’s logo and branding will be used on all of your training materials. The bespoke design ensures that it’s your local sorting guide and the layout of your facilities that is being taught – and not some generic guide that will further confuse your employees.

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Who we are

The Recycling University is your one-stop for cloud-based waste-management and recycling employee-training and employee certification.

We are a small team of

  • Pedagogy and online education specialists
  • Recycling industry experts dedicated to EU waste management legislation and regulations
  • Graphic, web and user experience designers working to create bespoke online learning environments and training materials for your municipality or organization.

Get in touch

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Sample Course Introduction

The introduction can be customised to your company’s message.